Setup Privacy Badger | Easiest Way To Block Ads and Trackers Online

Privacy Badger is the easiest way to block Ads online

June 20th, 2021

Setup Privacy Badger | Easiest Way To Block Ads and Trackers Online

A lot of people these days use some form of ad block online to prevent those annoying popups when they browse the web. Unfortunately these ads that you see aren't the only nefarious things that exist on websites.

Cookies are all the pieces of data that a website can ask your browser to store. When you log onto a website and close your browser, cookies are what allow you to log back in without typing in your email and password again. They are an incredibly useful technology but most websites these days don't just use cookies for functional reasons. They are also used to gain all assortments of user data on you (mostly for advertisement purposes). This is how social media sites and google are able to keep track of you even when you're not directly using their services.

Dealing With 3rd Party Trackers

If you use a privacy respecting browser such as Firefox or Brave, most trackers will be dealt with automatically. However, using a browser addon like Adblock plus or UBlock Origin is often recommended to ensure that you're browsing without 3rd party scripts tracking your online activities. Unfortunaley these addons require configuration and don't work best out of the box. This is why Privacy Badger is so much better.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a browser extension that's available for most major browsers. It works by keeping tab of all the 3rd party trackers on the websites you browse and automatically banning them when they occur more than 3 times. Instead of using a black-list of thousands of malicious sites it intuitively detects when they show bad behaviour. This means it's a lot more minimal and that it blocks sites in a fair manner. Most importantly is just works straight away. No need to configure it or set it up you can install it with 1 click on their website here.

One very important aspect of improving the security and privacy habits of people who either aren't interested or aren't as tech-savy is having tools that don't require any additional setup and just work straight away. That's why promoting the likes of The Brave Browser and Privacy Badger is so beneficial.

Stay happy and stay private.