My Articles

A collection of articles I've written about various topics. Mainly related to technology.

How To Setup a Deep Web Site (And Why You Might Want To)

The deep web is home to a lot of genuine content not just the nefarious things we hear in the news

How to Fight Internet Censorship with OONI

OONI is a tool you can use to test if you're being censored online

The Solution to Social Media (Privacy, Security and Mental Health)

There is only one clear solution to the problems associated with social media.

How To install CalyxOS (Alternative to Android)

CalyxOS is an Android ROM that allows you to completely de-google your phone.

The future will (probably) not be decentralised

The future foretold by blockchain has a long way to be actualised

How To Setup and Install Pleroma (Decentralised Social Media)

Set up Pleroma an open source and decentralised social media platform you can host yourself

How To Setup and Install Mastodon (Decentralised Social Media)

Mastodon is a decentralised social media platform that you can host yourself.

Secure your Cloud Server from Hackers with Fail2Ban

Setting up your SSH config and Fail2Ban to automatically jail hacker IP addresses.

How to Automatically Remove EXIF & Metadata From Your Files

In the wise words of the former head of the NSA "We kill people based on Metadata".

Create a Private Cloud (Email, File Storage, Website and Password Manager)

Host your own services instead of being reliant on giant tech companies

Building a Smart Grid | Predicting EV charger demand with Machine Learning (LSTM)

Using machine learning to monitor and balance Electric Vehicle Chargers